"Over the Edge" in the News

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Jazz fans old and new are gonna get such a kick out of this one.”

Terry the Turtle, Now Hear This (link)

The Pearcy / Gratzmiller Jazz Quintet pull out all the stops in their debut full length album, blending traditional Bebop sounds with their own contemporary styles to create pure poetry.”

Jazz..u (link)

The 10-track record introduced us to what slowly became our new favorite jazz band.”

Salma Almed, Audible Addixion (link)

Together in the Pearcy / Gratzmiller Jazz Quintet, they’ve created an album that has energy, soul and a slight sense of the unpredictable. Over the Edge is full of references to classic jazz elements, bebop vocabulary and old fashioned blues with use of today’s improvisational techniques. There is an old school musical feel but also interesting, more modern improvisational techniques which has appeal to traditional jazz listeners and those seeking something more redolent of the new, energetic jazz vibe which is strong today.”

Sammy Stein, Something Else! (link)

Take a bunch of jazz cats from Beantown with a love of classic jazz and the other foot firmly in the present tense, and you've got this enjoyable release.”

Anya Wassenberg, Arts & Culture Maven (link)

Over the Edge is superb, full of classic jazz essences, pop zest, and fusion aromas. The Pearcy/Gratzmiller Jazz Quintet really hold it down on this album.”

Randall Radic, Tattoo.com (link)

If you already have your fill of classic-era hard bop LPs – in fact, even if you don’t – Over the Edge is enthusiastically recommended; it will make a fine addition to the collection of any jazz aficionado.”

Bill Kopp, Musoscribe (link)